Elizabeth’s beauty doesn’t come from the shape of her face or nose or mouth of even those magnificent eyes, it comes from an inner strength and energy that very few people are blessed with. Also, a goodness and kindness that very few people are privileged or bother to see in her. They see the facade but not the remarkable woman inside. I’ve known her since she was just a teenager, and I really haven’t seen much change in the person herself except a growth in character. But she had always been the same person—true and real—and like all great beauties she becomes more so as she ages. She has had many battles to fight in her life and has won them with dignity and humanity. I admire her, and especially love her, because of her great love for animals and Michael Jackson. ― Ava Gardner


Ryan Gosling by Philippe Quaisse (Studio Ciné Live, June 2014)

Nicole Beharie photographed by Lance Gross

Debbie Harry photographed by Jimmy DeSana, 1977 (via)

You're pretty mouthy for an analyst.
"New agent, Peter Quinn, tasked by Estes to run the op, may be covered in new car smell, but he’s sharp and hilarious. Though far more disciplined than Carrie, Peter’s the most Carrie-like of any of the agents we’ve seen, insofar as he is untroubled by decorum." ['New Car Smell' 2x04]